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Social Makeover, Coaching and Other Services

Want to improve your Social Media presence but don’t know where to start? Not yet ready to fully outsource your accounts? Or, simply, need help with few things here and there?
We are here to help you with a tailor-made services and coaching !

What we can help you with:
  • Social Makeover of existing Accounts
  • Bio and Account set up
  • Defining best marketing channels 
  • Audience Research and Segmentation
  • Refining your Branding
  • Setting up Facebook Ads and Tools
  • Content creation and/or content planning basics
  • Anything else in between

How it works:
Phase 1:

Discovery call

A chance for us to meet, understand your needs and goals, and see how we can help.
Phase 2:


During this stage we will brief you, go through your accounts and asses what you currently have. We will also pick the format, that will be right for you (written deliverables, downloads or one-on-one coaching session)
Phase 3:
Hand over
Then, we get to work!
After this stage you will get all the answers, needed to improve your Socials
(Deliverables will vary based on the service chosen)

Phase 5:
We’ll get on another call, to go through the reports one more time and answer any of your questions that may have.
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