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Social Media Marketing

About The ModishLabs

ModishLabs is a boutique Digital Marketing Agency,
specialising in creating strong, data-based strategies for businesses, who want to grow and prosper.

While Social Media is a great tool, it is not a magic pill, and has to be used wisely and strategically.

Whether your current plan is not working and needs adjustment, or you want to start it off right from the beginning- we are here to help.

We are based in Dubai, and offer services in social media strategy, social media management, digital makeovers, Facebook Ads management and individual coaching for business owners.


We offer a wide range of marketing services,
that will help you achieve more and be distinctive from the rest.
Brand and Business Strategy
Your Social Media strategy does not bring you wanted results? Or maybe you don’t have one at all? We are here to help you with social plans that are data-driven, strategic and, most importantly, match your business goals. 
We explore the dynamics of your market industry, do extensive competitor research, define and segmentate your target audience, explore best marketing channels, and use latest trends to promote your brand.
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Social Media Management
Want to build a meaningful connection with your community and increase sales as the result, all the while save time and focus on other aspects of your business? Social Media is the best place to start and we are here to help!

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Facebook Advertising 
When done right, Facebook Advertising can be an extremely powerful tool and bring you wanted results.
Whether its brand awareness, website traffic or sales - you can achieve it!
Robust analytics, targeting your specific audience, re-marketing and adjusting your sales funnel - are just a few of the advantages that Facebook Ad Campaigns can offer, that a lot of people do not know about, therefore missing on many opportunities.
Stop wasting your budget and start getting results!

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Social Makeover and Other Services
Want to improve your Social Media presence and style, but not yet ready to fully outsource your accounts?
We have something just right for you!
Packages and services designed specifically for small business owners, who need help finding the style and vision for their Instagram, understand their customer base better or improve their Ad Campaigns, but still want to keep control over their account.
Individually tailored for your niche and business goal.

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