Strategy Based and Data Driven
Social Media Marketing
Brand and Social Media Strategy

Your current social media strategy does not bring wanted results? Or maybe you don’t have one at all?

Get a data-driven and strategic social media plan

to grow the community and establish your online presence.


How it works?

Phase 1:

Discovery call

A chance for us to meet, and understand the current state of your Social Media accounts.
We will define your social needs, align them with your business goals and discuss what has been working and what has not previously.

Phase 2:


During this stage we will brief you and go through your services, target audience, advantages, unique offers and brand purpose, etc.

Phase 3:

Then, we get to work! We will dive deep into:
  • Brand and Assets Analysis
  • Market Research on your niche
  • Competitor Analysis

Phase 4:

  • Full Social Media Audit
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Website Audit
  • Social Media Strategy Plan
  • Content Ideas & Inspiration
  • Ad Campaigns Plan
  • Hashtag Library

Phase 5:
Hand Over

We’ll get on another call, this time to go through the report, answer your possible questions, and help you plan your next steps.
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